Restorative Cases

Restorative Cases in New York

Our Attorneys Can Hold Negligent Dentists Accountable

When we go to the dentist for restorative services, we expect our issues to be fixed and last for a long time or even the rest of our lives. However, though dentists are expected to uphold a standard of care as medical professionals, they’re human and are prone to making errors during their treatments and procedures that can worsen a patient’s condition, rather than improve it. It can be painful and traumatic when your restorative treatments fail and you become injured or infected, and you shouldn’t have to suffer as a result of someone else’s carelessness. Our New York attorneys frequently handle restorative cases and can assess your situation when you call. At Chianese & Reilly Law, we have an in-depth understanding of the dental profession and have settled countless cases against negligent professionals on behalf of the injured. We’ve most commonly handled restorative cases and can apply our past successes to your unique situation.

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What is Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry refers to the procedures a dentist performs to keep patients’ mouths healthy and functioning. Some of the most common procedures include the filling of cavities to prevent decay and further damage, as well as replacing missing teeth with implants, bridges, or dentures. Sometimes teeth require extra strengthening with crowns or caps. Restorative dentistry is designed to be preventative and corrective, not damaging.

When dentists fail to provide patients with a standard of care, they can cause injuries from things like administering anesthesia properly, damaging the nerves in the mouth, damaging other teeth while attempting to fix one tooth, and more.

Our Legal Services

Our attorneys can assess your situation and determine liability so we can pursue the financial compensation you need after being injured. It’s important to know that not all oral injuries are the result of dental malpractice. You cannot hold dental professionals liable for damages simply because you’re not happy with the results of your restorative procedure.

Our team can help you prove certain elements so your claim is legitimate. We can prove that your dentist owed you, their patient, a standard of care, that they breached that standard through their negligence or careless actions, and that those actions caused your injuries and damages.

We most commonly handle the following restorative cases:

  • Crown and bridge replacements: Sometimes, crowns and bridges are improperly sized or placed, which can result in injuries and even infections. For example, a crown that prevents a patient from being able to brush the tooth around or beneath it can cause decay buildup, which can eventually lead to infection, pain, and the need for tooth removal.
  • Implant replacements: Dental implants aren’t like dentures in that they’re not removable – implants are drilled into the patient’s jaw as teeth replacements. Dentists can be held liable for damages if their drilling procedure damages a nerve in the mouth, ruins the teeth surrounding the missing teeth, and more.

Restorative services are already challenging for patients to face, but when dentists fail and injure patients further, they may have to redo their treatments, leading to more stress and financial loss. Our team can guide you through the claims process and educate you step by step so you understand your case and how we can help. We strive to be as honest with our clients as possible so they’re aware of how much they can potentially recover and what details or issues can prevent them from achieving their goals.

Having recovered millions of dollars for past clients, we can be trusted to conduct thorough research and give each case the careful attention it deserves. Your future is on the line – we can pave the way by recovering damages like medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

Learn more about how we can pursue justice on your behalf by calling our New York attorneys at (516) 614-6516. We have decades of experience handling restorative cases and have recovered millions of dollars for the injured.

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