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Dental implants are common not only for older adults, but for people of all ages. According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID), more than 3 million people in the U.S. have dental implants. Unfortunately, because they’re so common, there are bound to be instances in which implants are inserted incorrectly or injure individuals. If you have been injured during or after your implant procedure, you may be eligible to seek financial compensation. Dental professionals are supposed to be trained to make sure their procedures go as planned and that their patients’ health is protected, but sometimes this doesn’t always happen. Chianese & Reilly Law has worked with countless clients who have been harmed by dental malpractice and know how to secure the results you need to recover. With over 50 years of legal experience, our New York implant replacement attorneys can be trusted to advocate for you in and out of the courtroom.

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Why Do People Need Dental Implants?

Many individuals confuse dental implants for dentures. While dental implants and dentures are both prosthetic teeth that serve the same purpose, where they differ is that dentures are removable while dental implants aren’t removable – in fact, they’re drilled directly into the jaw.

Dental implants are usually needed if someone is missing teeth, but also if their existing teeth is causing gum disease or has decay or cavities. Some dentists choose to remove the teeth in question and replace them with implants. Unfortunately, sometimes these procedures can go awry as a result of negligence and create more issues than solutions.

Long-Term Effects of Negligence

It’s important to know what counts as malpractice, because not all negative side effects from dental implants are the result of negligence. Sometimes adverse side effects after a procedure are natural, and other times they can be prolonged as your body’s natural response.

Some common example of malpractice that can occur before or during your dental implant procedure include:

  • Improper hygiene or sterilization
  • Improper administration of anesthesia
  • Misdiagnosis of infection
  • Botched procedure
  • Failure to treat infection

Because implants are drilled into the jaw, surgeons must take care to ensure their patients have been administered the proper amount of anesthesia and that they don’t cause any damage to the jaw or any of the sensitive nerves in the mouth. Common dental implant injuries include damaged blood vessels or sinuses, damage to the surrounding teeth, allergic reactions, bacterial infections, and nerve damage.

All of these injuries can be especially painful, and some, like nerve damage, impact the way you will live the rest of your life. Some people with nerve damage are unable to eat, drink, or sleep comfortably. If your dentist failed to meet the standard of care established in their industry, they should be held responsible for their actions. You deserve to walk away from your procedure

How Our Dental Malpractice Attorneys Can Help You

You may have already had to invest thousands of dollars in your dental implant procedure; if you’ve been injured, you’ll likely have to spend even more to treat your injuries, as well as miss out on wages from work as you take time to recover. Botched dental implants can result in you needing to remove even more teeth, for example.

You need a dental malpractice attorney by your side to pursue justice on your behalf. Through our extensive experience and commitment to helping our clients, we can help you recover medical bills, including the costs of hospital stays, surgeries, medications, and more, as well as lost wages or earning capacity and pain and suffering. After so much suffering, you deserve to rest while we handle the legal work that comes with your case.

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