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When you hire Chianese & Reilly Law to represent your case in New York, you’re hiring a team of award-winning attorneys who have more than 50 years of experience and a track record of success. Our team has achieved the largest reported verdict in a dental malpractice case in the state, and we regularly work on cases involving malpractice, personal injury, family law, real estate, estate planning and probate, and more.

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  • $3,903,500
    Largest Reported Verdict Dental Malpractice case in NY State
    Verdict for a 35-year-old female who treated with a general dentist in the Bronx for a root canal on an upper molar. The dentist caused the plaintiff to sustain trigeminal neuralgia. She suffered severe piercing debilitating pain that radiated from the root canal tooth to her right ear, which followed the pathway of the nerve. She underwent gamma knife surgery of the brain, which provided her temporary relief, though she continued under heavy medication to date to try and dull or control the pain. This was the largest reported verdict for a dental malpractice case in New York State at the time.
  • $1,350,000
    Hospital Misdiagnosis
    Settlement against a hospital that misdiagnosed a cyst in a young woman’s jaw, which led to improper follow-up and treatment by an oral surgeon. Years later the cyst reoccurred in the same area and required removal of three-quarters of her jaw. Subsequent to the removal of her jaw a graft from her fibula was taken and attached to a titanium plate that was used to replace her jaw. A skin graft from her hip was taken to replace the gum tissue in that portion of her mouth. Implants, restorations, and further bone grafts will be required to replace the teeth in that area. The expert for the defendant alleged that had the pathologist properly read the slide the treatment that was performed years later would have been required at that time.
  • $900,000
    Gallbladder Surgery Causes Peritonitis
    Settlement for a 46-year-old man who underwent gallbladder surgery during which his bowel was perforated by the surgeon. The hospital and doctors failed to recognize the signs of peritonitis. A few days after the surgery his organs shut down and he was declared clinically dead. The plaintiff was required to undergo subsequent surgical repair of the bowel and removal of the infection.
  • $350,000
    Root Canal Gone Wrong
    Settlement, in March 2012, of a dental malpractice matter for a Suffolk County woman who as the result of poor root canals and other dental work lost a number of teeth and required substantial dental restorations. The settlement is the highest this office has obtained in Suffolk County for a dental malpractice case.
  • $250,000
    Mediated Automobile Accident Settlement
    Mediated settlement for a 60-year-old Nassau resident who was involved in an automobile accident. The accident occurred at an intersection that was controlled by a traffic light. The plaintiff claimed he had a green light while the defendant claimed the light was yellow when he entered the intersection. A third party witness claimed that the defendant had a yellow light. As a result of the accident, the plaintiff sustained a fractured pelvis and missed six months from work. He required surgery to repair his pelvis which included the placement of internal hardware. Thomas Reilly handled this matter for our office.
  • $175,000
    Settlement During Trial
    Settlement for a Rockland County woman who as the result of dental restorations performed by a dentist was caused to undergo the restorative process again.  Thomas P. Reilly tried this matter for our office, the matter settled after the parties and the plaintiff’s expert testified at which point the defendant consented to settle the case.