Reasons You Should Consider Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

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You just got severely injured. Whether your injuries were the result of an accident, a careless mistake or plain wrong-doing, it can be tempting to take matters into your own hands and enact immediate justice, restitution and revenge. If you were involved in a single person accident outside your control, you may also be tempted to either minimize the severity of your injuries or you may think you’ll be able to trick your insurance company into paying you more in compensation.

Handling your case by yourself can lead to additional costs and headaches for you and the other parties involved.  It can also prolong the duration of your case.

In many cases, the individual will lose his or her case.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer will make your case go more smoothly and quicker. A lawyer will also help you get the greatest amount of compensation.

Here are more specific reasons you need a personal injury lawyer:

  1. They Will Take Care of Your Interests

When you get injured, your insurance company will do all they can to give you the minimum compensation for your claim to protect their profits. A personal injury attorney, on the other hand, will work for your interests and be your advocate to your insurance company.

  1. They Know Their Way Around the Law

Filing a personal injury claim involves more than signing a few documents. On the contrary, the process is often complex. There are numerous rules, guidelines and timeframes you must account for and abide by. A personal injury lawyer will know all the intricacies of filing a claim. He or she will be able to walk you through the process to ensure that your case goes quickly and smoothly and ensure that you’ll get the best compensation possible.

  1. They Can Better Evaluate the Extent of Your Injury

Insurance companies try to settle claims quickly in hopes that the victim will sign and agree to the arranged payout by the insurance company. If you sign and take whatever settlement your insurance company offers you, you risk losing out on additional compensation you’re entitled to due to the real extent of your injuries. Many people are quick to sign and get whatever amount is offered them by their insurance company. Later, however, their injuries worsen or lead to additional injuries which require higher costs to treat.

A personal injury lawyer will help you better access the real extent of your injuries so you’ll be able to negotiate a settlement that is more appropriate to the severity of your injuries. In short, a personal injury attorney will help you get more compensation from your insurance company.

  1. They Can Better Prove Your Innocence

When you attempt to tackle your case alone, the evidence that you supply declaring that you’re the victim will not be as credible as evidence that is provided by a professional who knows the law in and out. A personal injury lawyer knows how the system works, what type of evidence is most convincing and demanded by a judge and/or insurance companies. Having an experienced lawyer is crucial when it comes to proving your case.

  1. They Offer Much Needed Encouragement and Support

Just knowing that there is someone by your side and who is advocating for and supporting you can give you the hope and determination to continue to fight your case and not settle prematurely.

  1. They Keep You From Exceeding the Statutes of Limitations

Each state has its own statute of limitations. These statutes are the timeframe within which you can file your personal injury suit. These range from one year to multiple years. If you don’t file your personal injury case within the timeframe of your state, you’ll lose your right to file a suit. A personal injury lawyer will know how long the statute of limitations are in your state and will work with you to file your claim within the required time, and therefore, maintain your right to compensation.

If you’ve been injured, don’t try and take your case into your own hands. At Chianese & Reilly Law, our professional and experienced personal injury lawyers will work with you and for you so you get the compensation and settlement you deserve.

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