Settled for $300,000 After Prior Attorney Dumps Case

The most important part of your lawsuit is choosing the right attorney, if you don’t find someone who has experience in cases similar to yours it can be very costly.  Our office recently settled a Dental Malpractice matter for $300,000 just a few months after the clients prior attorney told her that he didn’t think he could win the case.   The woman contacted an attorney who referred her to what she was told was an attorney who handles dental malpractice claims.  Shortly after the lawsuit was started the  attorney informed the client that he would not continue to pursue the case because he didn’t think he could be successful, he suggested the client find a new attorney.   She quickly found our office on her own.   After the plaintiff’s deposition and prior to the defendants deposition  the case was settled. Neither the prior attorney nor the referral attorney were entitled to attorney fees on the case.  This is the reason why if you have a dental malpractice case you should contact Chianese & Reilly Law first.