Victims of Dental Nerve Damage Obtain Compensation

Manhattan Dental Malpractice Lawyer Helps Victims of Dental Nerve Damage Obtain Compensation

Dental nerve diagram

According to the 2006 Report on the Impact of Oral Disease, New York State has above average oral health resources. However, dentist negligence is still a fairly common issue, and the careless actions of dental care professionals can cause tissue and nerve damage in certain cases. In Manhattan, a dental malpractice lawyer can help victims obtain compensation for their injuries.

Many people go to see their dentist to get relief from dental pain, and dentists can provide or recommend the best method of finding relief. But there are cases of neglect on the part of dentists, which can lead to accidents or complications.

They may try to practice procedures outside their specialty, such as a general dental practitioner attempting oral surgery, or they might be inattentive while performing a routine dental procedure. Unfortunately, such instances could easily cause nerve damage in patients.

Dental Nerve damage usually occurs during oral surgery or endodontic treatment, such as wisdom teeth removal. There are four primary causes for this complication:

  • Injection of Anesthetics – Anesthesia may be applied incorrectly, such as injection into a major nerve trunk.
  • Extraction of Tooth –the invasive procedure can end in nerve damage if done improperly. The lingual and inferior alveolar nerves are particularly vulnerable during molar removal.
  • Dental Implant – if a dental implant is placed too deep it can damage the inferior alveolar nerve
  • Root Canal – an over filled or over instrumented root canal procedure can lead to inferior alveolar nerve damage.

The dental nerve damage could lead to discomfort, lasting numbness, or pain. Sometimes, the effects are permanent.

There is no easy solution to nerve damage. The most science can offer is to reduce the discomfort until the body cures itself, using various therapies and painkillers.

When a dentist causes dental nerve damage due to negligence, he has committed dental malpractice. The victim can only face a future filled with discomfort and costly treatments.

Fortunately, a dental malpractice lawyer can help obtain compensation from the negligent dentist, which can then be used to ease the physical pain and emotional trauma experienced by the patient. Working with a lawyer with extensive experience in dental malpractice law can help injured patients gain a better understanding of the relevant laws, and receive justice for their injuries.