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Poor Bridgework Dental Malpractice in New York

For Dental Patients Suffering from the Effects of Poor Bridgework Dental Malpractice in New York, an Attorney Can Help

Dental restorations help bring back a person’s ability to eat, smile, and talk without any discomfort. However, dentists who provide poor bridgework can cause added pain, aggravation, and cost to their patients. In New York, an attorney can assist victims of a careless and negligent dental practice to get the help and compensation they need to correct erroneous actions and indemnify the inconvenience caused by improper fabrication of dental bridges or crowns.

After undergoing dental restoration, patients are usually free from pain and can expect to be able to use their new dental bridge for as long as five to 15 years. When those expectations are not met, it is almost never because of product failure, but due to the carelessness of the dentist or improper fabrication of the denture.

The causes of poor bridgework Dental Malpractice are varied, but mistakes usually happen during the preparation or installation of the bridge. The dentist might take incorrect measurements of the patient’s teeth or unknowingly add contaminants in the cement used for bonding. After the dental procedure has been completed, patients that have undergone inaccurate treatment can observe unsightly changes on their teeth and or experience pain.

Indications of poor dental bridgework are usually demonstrated by the following symptoms:

  • Loose bonds or loose fitting crowns
  • Contours that don’t resemble natural teeth
  • Bite problems
  • Inflamed or receded gums
  • Discoloration or black lines along the edges of the crown
  • Tooth sensitivity or pain
  • Need for repair after a short time such as two years

Poor dental restorations must be replaced or at least reinstalled in order to improve the teeth’s appearance and provide relief to patients. Like the original procedure, however, it can be quite costly especially when there are numerous replacement teeth.

Fortunately, patients suffering from poor bridgework Dental Malpractice failures can seek assistance from a New York attorney who can fight for their rights and allow them to receive from compensatory damages they deserve. For more information, contact us.